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Barcelona excels when it comes to technological development, and multinationals companies know it. In the last years there have been multiple multinationals that have decided to set up in Barcelona and its surrounding areas. The offices with cheaper rents compared to other European cities, the competitive salaries and the abundance of qualified and talented personnel aren’t the only reasons why these multinational companies choose Barcelona as their new home base; the city’s strategic location, the great communications and also the quality of life in the area are significant factors for companies to consider when choosing a place to set up headquarters.

According to the New Barcelona Post, Barcelona has been an outstanding entrepreneurial center for the technology sector for several years now. This has generated an ecosystem with different companies making the Catalan capital an ideal place to locate technological projects.

We have many examples of multinationals that are setting up their headquarters in the capital. Amazon has chosen Barcelona for its headquarters. The company’s most important logistic center can be found at the Prat de Llobregat with a 60,000 square meter area and over 1,500 employees. The British firm King announced that it would expand its operation in the city and move to 9.000 square meters premises in the 22@. Lidl of Germany has also announced that it will install a new center for excellence for customer service and digital business management in the old BBVA building in the Plaza Cataluña of Barcelona. Another high-tech multinational that has announced its location here is Argentine Satellogic, which specializes in high resolution imaging technology for microsatellites. They will establish their headquarters for Europe in the Catalan`s 22@ District. There are also many other large firms such as Zurich, Nestlé, Cisco, Roche or Visa, among others, that have also located international care centers in the Catalan city. The list of multinational companies that have recently chosen to be present in Barcelona is extensive and we can say, without fear of being mistaken, that more and more international companies will set up their headquarters in Barcelona in the coming years.




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