Real Estate Investments in Barcelona and Costa Brava

NAIA INVEST property management company specialized in investments in the area of Barcelona and Costa Brava. We offer our clients a comprehensive management service in the preparation and implementation of real estate investment projects. If you are willing to invest in the real estate market, we will create a property portfolio to match your profile and expectations. We will guide you through a selection of suitable purchase opportunities.
NAIA INVEST gives investors access to an extensive network of attractive properties ideally suited for investment and revaluation. If needed, we will renovate your property to increase its value and make it available for rental or sale at the highest market price.

Extensive experience in the real estate market

Our extensive experience in the real estate market in the area of Barcelona and the Mediterranean coast and in the most emblematic areas of the Costa Brava, and the Ampurdán, allow us to advice and guide our clients in purchasing the most suitable properties for their investment portfolio.


If you purchase empty properties, we will find the best tenants for you so that you can obtain an optimum profitability in the medium and long term. If you want to sell your property, NAIA INVEST will make your offer available to our extensive portfolio of Spanish and international clients with a view to obtaining the best possible price. In case of buying property with tenants, we offer our clients top-level property management services together with a high profitability.

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Enhance your investment for refurbishment

If you want to renovate your property to increase its value and obtain an optimum profitability in your property investment or in the sale of your property, we have NAIA TECH, with a long established reputation and experience in design, architecture and comprehensive reforms. NAIA TECH has excellent and recognized work done in interior design, business spaces, residential, commercial premises, shops, rehabilitation, and maintenance work.

Legal aspects

We have experts in international law, with contacts in several countries. We provide services to facilitate all the necessary procedures when it comes to sales and investments transactions for people and companies from any part of the world, we have JURIF CONSULTANTS & LAWYERS.