About us

NAIA INVEST has been specialising in comprehensive real estate management for over 25 years. Our team has an extensive training and a broad range of expertise in property sales, guiding our clients through every stage of the process. We use the services of experts in real estate sales, in legal and tax assessment, in national and international law and in the management of real estate assets. Our main area of influence is the city of Barcelona and its Mediterranean coastline, including the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada.

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If you want to buy a property, NAIA INVEST will help you find an ideal purchase at a price that suits your budget, whether you’re looking for a flat in the centre of Barcelona, a house in the mountains or a home on the coast. We can help you with commercial premises for your business or a site to build your home on. In addition to facilitating property purchases, NAIA INVEST will manage all your legal and taxation paperwork, to ensure a rapid, efficient transaction.


If you want to sell your property, NAIA INVEST will make your offer available to our extensive portfolio of Spanish-based and overseas clients, we will help establish an optimum market price for business premises, buildings or city apartments.
In addition to facilitating property sales, NAIA INVEST will manage all your legal and taxation paperwork, ensuring a speedy and effective sales operation.

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If you want property-based assets in your investment portfolio, NAIA INVEST will be happy to guide you through a selection of suitable purchase opportunities. Our services and experience facilitate purchasing procedures to make sure you acquire properties that are ideally-suited for investment and revalorisation; whether dealing with rentals, general maintenance, renovations or tax obligations, we offer our clients top-level property management services together with optimum profitability. We will create a company to include all your properties and we will look after its day to day management. We buy new properties, refurbish them, rent them, whenever suitable, and sell them, with optimum benefits, while taking care of all the necessary legal and taxation formalities. We offer our clients a worry-free service, increasing their property assets at the lowest cost.


The NAIA business area, NAIA TECH, offers you the opportunity to comprehensively reform your property. Whether purchasing an apartment or business premises, NAIA TECH gives you the chance to renovate, meaning that you get a completely refurbished property, decorated and redesigned to your own personal specifications. For apartments, all you have to do is move in, while NAIA TECH provides turnkey solutions for offices and business premises.

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In property sales transactions or property investments, if one of the parties is an individual or corporate entity from abroad, NAIA INVEST has experts in international law, with contacts in numerous countries. We provide services to facilitate all the necessary procedures when it comes to sales and investments transactions for people and companies from any part of the world, with the invaluable help of the JURIF, lawyers and consultants.

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